2 Vintage Sylvania 6SN7WGT Audio tubes test & look NEW Chrome top Military Spec


Excellent Pair of Sylvania 6SN7WGT. They are military spec brown based tubes. Test results on my calibrated TV7 tester for tube 1 are 90 & 95 and test results for tube 2 are 99 & 95 with the minimum (65%) being 50. Listening tested in amp for excessive noise and microphonics. Listened to the pair […]

Sony WM-150 Walkman Cassette Player Audio with Case Vintage Rare JUNK For Parts


Sony WM-150 Walkman Cassette Player Audio w/ Case Vintage Rare. Please check with the image. Reasons for JUNK:Operation has not been tested. Notes on applicable items. For books, the language is Japanese. For DVDs, you can play it with a player that supports Region 2. For game software, it can be played on a Japanese […]