Mopar 851 OEM Vintage Original 40s-60s Chrysler Chrome Car Radio Panel Cover Dod


This unit came from a retired towing yard. It has been stored away for decades in a climate controlled, dry room. This unit is completely untested. This sale is final. Please do your own research, take your time looking at all the photos and do your due diligence before purchasing. Cosmetically, it’s in healthy shape. […]

MOPAR Carb AFB Carburetors Hemi Clone Cores Carter Parts Electric Choke 1960s


1960’S MOPAR Carb 8 CYL 318 CARBURETOR Hemi Clone Cores Mopar. This is a matched set of Chrysler AFB carbs 3980s. These carbs came from Auto Shack / independent rebuilder back in the day. They look pretty complete. I don’t see anything broken or frozen up. The one carb does have rust and pitting on […]