Vintage AJA Model 5842 GERMAN Tube Radio West Germany Short Wave Parts Repair


Measures about 22.5″ X 10″ X 11 Deep. If you are like me, you like to see what you are getting, so I took lots of pics. Check out my other cool listings! My other job is pastoring a Church in Florida. Im not some large corporation, just a regular guy making his way for […]

Classy Vintage / Antique EMERSON 587A of Late 40s Restoration Rejuvenation Parts


This EMERSON 587A is the more classy and appealing model of the 587 line due to the nifty woven grille compared to the later production 587B with the metal version. The material of the casing was a new plastic of the era known as Plaskon, this one in Black/Ebony (some models were also in White/Ivory). […]